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How Gamification can be beneficial in sales

Most of you have heard the term “Gamification”, if not, no worries we will be learning what is gamification and how beneficial it is especially in the sales process.

Motivation is key to being successful and we all want to be praised for our good work. If a child helps her mother and she praises her for the work by rewarding chocolate or appreciating it, the child gets motivated and helps her more in other day-to-day chores.

Rewarding and praising for the work is what gamification is. It gives notable motivation to the employees and thus it improves their performance in an organization.

Why should Gamification be used?

Sales is a very important aspect of any business to keep the business running and flourishing, thus the salespeople are more stressed as they are worried about hitting their target, worried about their bonuses and salaries which might get impacted if they do not hit the target.

There is a chemical term “dopamine” which the brain releases when you achieve something you have been trying, it makes you feel good, motivated, stressed free, and focused that is what Gamification does it shows your target, your sales, your meetings, leaderboard where you can view where you stand, how many deals you have closed, how many leads, and much more. When you see your result that you have achieved your meeting target or you have already closed the deals, it keeps you motivated to perform outstanding, keeps you motivated, and you start enjoying your own work. Henceforth, gamification is now a need of an hour and should be used.

The same child and mother logic applies here “When sales representatives are rewarded, they contribute more to the sales success”

Best Practices to Implement

To implement Gamification in your organization, you must first know what actually is the need of your employees, what makes them happy. You can gather this information using SWOT analysis or a small survey by asking questions like what motivates them, and how they want to be praised.

Once you gather the information you can use this information as a reward for your sales representative. You have to set clear goals and objectives, the rewards should not always be based on numbers, they should be based on behaviour as well. Engage your sales representative to work in a team and reward them for helping the team and how many times they helped and care about the other team members.

Implementing gamification can help you hit your target on time and create a healthy and innovative work culture.

Gamification Software in the Market

There are plenty of gamification software and tools available in the market which can help you in gaining important insights, some of them are:

  • Gamified-
    It promotes productivity by rewarding you on your daily routine tasks.
  • Ambition-
    Powerful data-driven software for smart sales representatives and drive behavior change.
  • SalesScreen-
    An internal study claimed that they have doubled their sales using this software.
  • Spinify-
    The simplest and fastest-growing platform is easy to set up and gets you started in minutes.
  • Hoopla-
    Very easy tool to create contests, competitions, and leaderboards. Score and celebrate more.

If you are looking to have your sales representatives motivated, focused, and stress-free. Reward them for all the routine tasks, small tasks, and tough tasks. In no time you will have powerful salespeople working for you, identifying problems, solving issues, qualifying leads, closing deals, and driving revenue.

Gamification should be implemented and considered a part of an Organization.


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