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Top Article Submission Websites – Paid or Free

Since last many years content writing is considered to be the most crucial part of online marketing. Getting your content qualified as to be the high quality content, professional expert content writing demand increases substantially. For the businesses who wants to get success in the cut throat competition has to depend on the creation of content. Content enriched with the keyword collection and having quality content is must for the businesses for reaching out the large audience. Many article submission websites which are professional are available on the internet making you help to get your articles published on their websites.

The article directories available online are of two types i.e free and paid websites. The purpose of getting articles posted on these websites remains the same even if it is paid or free. In both the cases the rules and regulations for posting the articles on these websites remains the same. The question arises is that how to differentiate between both of them according to the website performances and how to get their potential optimized to the fullest?

Submitting article to any of the free or paid website consists of few steps which needs to be fulfilled and followed are:

  1. Article must be developed enriched with the keywords and also must be SEO compatible.
  2. Search for the top 100 websites for submitting the articles.
  3. Make sure that you publish the article links to many websites.
  4. For providing the links to your website resource box should be used.

The best approach is to recognize which websites use to publish articles having a higher view ratio. For reaching the article to the end users choose any one website, making sure that you post the high quality content on the website so that your content is being read and liked by maximum number of viewers. So its better to evaluate the option includes paid and free websites.

Free Article Submission Sites


Ezine Articles comes under the top category of free article submission websites and ranks 6th by the Google. This website consists of complete collection and source of articles available online which are made available for all the viewers who wants to read them. The Ezine Article’s best part is that it is made free for all the users. It is considered to be one of the favorite websites for the business companies to post the marketing articles. This website allows adding of two text links in a single article by not paying anything for it.


Search Warp also comes under the category of free article submission website, which ranks 5th by the google. The great benefits which hits the ranking of this website is that you can add three links for a single page uploaded in this directory. This is the main reason why this website is considered to be one of the best website for free article submission.


eHow is the another website which comes under the category of free article submission websites, which ranks 8th by the Google. This website has a particular format for submitting your content known as ho-to-articles. There are millions of users and worldwide followers for this website.


The another option which is made available under the category of free article submission websites is, and ranks 6th by the Google. Comparing it with the EzineArticles both are almost same. So post your articles on both the websites simultaneously.


In online article submission websites HubPage consists of different approach, which also ranks 6th by the Google. It consists of the options to create hubs or themes generated by you and them you can post your articles. Content can be uploaded on these hubs and can be updated timely.

Paid Article Submission Sites

Now the very obvious question which arises to everyone’s mind is that what is the reason for opting the paid article submission sites when free article submission websites are available. The answer to this question is that the advantage of this website is that clients for the paid websites are different and its the responsibility given by you to the website to manage your account. Services like checking of plagiarism and grammar, etc. are also made available to the clients. Some of the best paid article submission websites available are:


For the paid article submission websites ArticleRich is one of the best and favorite option available, which ranks 4th by the Google and consists of very decent clients who go through your articles and comment their views on the articles. Only thing is to pay the decent amount ranging around one dollar.


IdeaMarketers is also one of the best option of the online paid article submission websites. Though not having a good page ranking, consists of a good number of clients. The bid is to be placed by one on this website in order to post the articles. The cost of the article is finalized after when your bid gets finalized and the minimum cost of the bid is one dollar.

SEMrush can be used assisting you to find the best rich keywords for your posts in order to get the maximum number of viewers on your posts. It is better to choose the website for posting the article whether it is free or paid only after analyzing their pros and cons of the websites.