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What are the Advantages of Using Laravel?

The PHP framework world has been quite literally blessed by the incoming Laravel. This amazing open-source PHP framework has made the task of designing and creating web applications really very streamlined and simple. Today, there exist over a hundred thousand websites, all having been designed from Laravel. There are very good reasons why Laravel has become so popular among weak application developers, so let us take a look at some of those reasons-

  • In-Built Functionalities Addition –
    One of the best things about Laravel is that there are built-in features available in Lavarel, for which one doesn’t need to start any kind of coding from scratch. This is mainly because Lavarel is a ‘modular packaging system’ which comes with some good dependency management. This is also known as MVC Architecture or better known as Model-View-Controller Architecture. ‘ This means that a developer can easily create a package made out of his/her routinely used codes or install an already created package via Composer.
  • Setting Proper Goals and Milestones for Every Individual Employee –
    As a project manager, it is important that you realize the abilities of each and every worker on your team and manage them accordingly. The first step towards that is to recognize that you must create different goals and milestones for each one of them so that they are not overburdened or underworked. While doing that, also remember that the pandemic has had an effect on everyone’s mental health. Set the goal accordingly. Also, use your management tracking software to keep a track of the work from time to time.
  • Amazing Templates via Template Tool –
    Having widgets made out of the best in class CSS and JS coding, the installed template tool in Laravel helps make some of the best and most beautiful designs that also consist of content seeding. These inbuilt beautiful templates exist so that they can build up some plain PHP and then cache that so that they can also give an amazing performance while also looking beautiful. Creating a good-looking and simple layout with Lavarel is literally a piece of cake.
  • Extremely Secure Systems of Authorization and Authentication –
    One of the most important things that every web application owner needs are a safe and secure system. The app needs to be secure in terms of authorization, meaning that the credentials of the person who is using the app are properly verified and people who are not authorized to use the different sources of the app. This is done with a secure yet easy authorization implementation which is processed and configured out of the box.
  • Open Source –
    One of the best benefits of using an open-source PHP framework is that any new kind of evolution in the technology is easily accessible to all. Interestingly and fortunately enough, Laravel has behind itself a very strong and active community, due to which a web developer can always take the advice of an expert when he or she is trying to make a change in the system which may be considered complex. With some advice from expert app developers, nothing will remain as complex as you expect it to be.
  • Easy Testing of Units with Automation Testing –
    Absolutely no app developer rolls out their web app without proper testing of units. Unit testing means that each and every small unit of any app developed by a developer is tested so that no part of a web app remains, in any way, broken. Laravel, which has been created keeping in mind the testing part comes with automation testing. It is way better than manual testing and saves a lot of time. This automated unit testing framework makes sure that an app developed under Laravel remains high-end and free of any bugs.

With Laravel, any task that takes a lot of hours as well as a huge amount of code can now be easily done. According to many PHP experts, the incoming of Laravel has again made creating web applications with Laravel really easy, and much more fun. It is easy and way better than any other PHP framework such as Symfony, CodeIgniter, or CakePHP, and is definitely worth the hype and praise it gets.

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