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The Increasing Importance of Logistics and Cybersecurity Today

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of discussions have wandered around the logistics and cybersecurity. Many are saying that the pandemic has taken a serious toll on both these aspects of business.

Many businesses who completely relied on outside logistical support were left out to dry as lockdown measures were adopted globally. Even today, these logistical jargons have not been completely taken care of.

As far as cybersecurity goes, since lockdown. Work from home has become the new norm for businesses, thereby increasing the reliance on their online networking portals whereby the exchange of information takes place. For businesses, these two aspects have become quite important, especially if future considerations are to be considered.

Importance of Logistics and Cybersecurity

The global logistics network was exposed when during the COVID-19 pandemic, it became increasingly difficult for governments to supply their health workers with the proper equipment. Logistics basically involve the planned process by which transportation of raw materials and finished goods happen. It basically involves the inflow and outflow of materials. The global supply chain of any product involves a huge logistical operation in itself. Considering its impact on almost every good, logistics are an important

Cybersecurity is a growing industry. With the increase in cybercrimes, the growth doesn’t come as a surprise. Even the world’s most prominent leaders and businessmen such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Barack Obama were hacked through Twitter in a Bitcoin scam. A lot many businesses, especially businesses that provide financial and banking services are quite prone to cyberattacks. But not only that, if prominent people can be hacked so easily, then anyone is prone to fraud. If proper networking security is not implemented on communication channels and financial transactions, it may prove fatal for a business.

A business can inculcate the following measures to better their logistics and cybersecurity and save themselves from unforeseen situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic and cyber-attacks-

  • In the case of both logistics and cybersecurity, try and create in-house solutions rather than having complete dependence on outside service providers. In this way, whenever such a situation takes place, your cybersecurity and logistical services are still intact and the effect of such situations on the business is minimal.
  • Small vendors who cannot develop in-house solutions in the case of cybersecurity and logistics, must do proper market research before going for outsourcing services. The record of each and every service vendor during this pandemic must be scrutinized now.
  • Company managers must put in a proper chain of command so that in any case, miscommunication doesn’t ruin anything.
  • Even when going for outsider services, a business must try to be as independent as it can afford to be so that on a rainy day, they are not left out to dry.
  • Data storage, especially confidential business secrets and customer data must be stored locally, without the help of any outside third parties as much as possible.
  • The use of better techniques and newer technology in the case of logistics must always be encouraged so as to move away from outsourcing as much as possible.

In the end, a business mustn’t forget how unpredictable the whole world is. One must always be ready for any situation, come what may, and use this approach on each and every aspect of their business, not just logistics and cybersecurity.