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10 Sales App every sales rep should have

For salespeople, it is very much necessary that they keep on brushing up their skills and using modern technologies to keep up with their customers through various channels.

Salespeople, most of the time are on road either to meet some prospective client or going to finalize a deal therefore I am going to share the 10 best apps that every salesperson must have it handy and should know how to use it.

I will share the following details regarding the apps:

  1. Name of the app
  2. What is the use?
  3. From where you can download
  4. Screenshot for your reference

Let us dig into more detail:

1. Slack

    • Workspace – Free; Standard – $6.67/month/user; Plus – $12.50/month/user
    • iOS | Android | Windows

With slack, you can connect your team and clients together so always keep this app handy because you can connect any time you want. You can work in a team and here we can create channels using which you can differentiate on which channel you would like to discuss and based on that you can separate your teamwork.

There is a very good feature which is a thread that helps increase in maintaining your conversation which will never get lost and always easy to search in case of backtracking any conversation.

2. Hubspot Mobile Card Scanner

Salespeople always collect business cards in their meetings. What if they forgot the cards in their hotel room that could result in a loss of a potential client?

This is one of the amazing apps which can digitize your business card and automatically save the information in your phone’s contacts.

3. Profit Story

  • $1.99

Are you one of those sales representatives who is always confused about what should be your profit margin?

After using this app you don’t have to ever worry about your profit margins, It provides some other profit margin metrics which can be beneficial for you.

4. Doc Scan

  • $1.99
  • iOS | Android

Snap, scan, pack, and deliver it. Yes, as simple as that, snap it and convert your document to JPEG or PDF to send it to your client.

5. Dropbox

  • Standard, $12.50/month/user, 3+ users; Advanced, $20/month/user, 3+ users; Can request for enterprise pricing.
  • iOS Android

Do you have to share a large document and do not have a laptop handy? Don’t worry dropbox has the solution to install the app and share it. Never face the document as too large to send an error message.

6. Docusign

What do you do if sometimes you listen from a prospect that they are ready to give you a contract and you are not in the office but do require an e-signature for the confirmation? Download the app and enable your prospect to sign wherever, whenever, and however.

7. Hubspot CRM Mobile App

It is not always easy to switch on your laptop and add all the prospects and clients. So always make sure whatever CRM your company uses, you always have the mobile app of that CRM handy to add the prospects on the go.

8. Quick Voice

With a single tap record, the voice calls meetings, conference sessions, or keynote speeches and never miss even a small detail. Impress your prospect with a photographic memory.

9. Feedly

    • Basic, Free; Pro, $5.41/month; Team, $18/month/user
    • iOS Android

Never fall behind in your industry news, subscribe to your favorite blogs, and always be updated with the latest industry trends and news. No excuse even if you are traveling.

10. Time Buddy

    • Basic, Free; Pro, $5.41/month; Team, $18/month/user
    • iOS | Android

Tap to schedule a meeting in any time zone, it syncs very well with the Google calendar which makes it even easier to use.

Whether you are looking to save your time, increase your productivity, or want to analyze your performance these apps are going to help you and I bet you are going to love it.

Content credit- Shweta Dubey




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