In the racing world of fashion, staying a step ahead of trends is important for merchants and vendors to always be on track. We have done third-party API integration in Our Application BLEND to create a bridge between creators and the latest styles, empowering users to discover and purchase trending products from around the globe.

3rd Party services used :

  1. Rakuten: a global leader in e-commerce, offers a comprehensive suite of API services designed to empower businesses to create innovative and personalized shopping experiences for their customers. This case study explores how companies leverage Rakuten API services to enhance their e-commerce platforms and drive growth.
  2. Violet is the easiest way to build cross-platform integrations for multi-merchant checkout. You can use our 3 products in various ways. Each is meant to make it easier for you to integrate with Merchants, pass data back and forth, and simplify life for your Merchants.


One of the primary challenges encountered while integrating multiple products from the Violet API into our e-commerce app is the uniting of product data fields. As all products are found in a single feed, any modifications made to individual products pose a significant challenge in terms of managing and updating product information within our app.

This was creating a hindrance in maintaining data accuracy and consistency across the platform.

It required a careful and strategic set of plans in order to organize and display it in the App to the users


  1. Product Discovery API Integration: To address the challenge, Blend has implemented an approach by collaborating closely with merchants to leverage their product APIs. By integrating their APIs directly into our system, any modifications made to the products on their end automatically trigger updates within our platform.
  2. Database Synchronization Mechanisms: Additionally, Blend has implemented robust database synchronization mechanisms to ensure seamless data transfer between our app and the 3rd party service. This approach not only facilitates real-time updates but also enhances data consistency and accuracy across our e-commerce platform, ultimately improving the overall user experience for our customers.


  1. Flutter & Typescript: Being an iOS App Development Company, we have developed BLEND iOS application with the help of the following technologies Flutter and Typescript, enabling cross-platform compatibility and efficient code maintenance of the system
  2. PostgreSQL Database: PostgreSQL serves as the backbone of BLEND’s data management system, confirming the robustness, reliability, and scalability of the entire system
  3. Social Signups & Sign-ins: BLEND has social signups and sign-ins to simplify user registration and enhance user engagement to the App
  4. 4. Third-Party Integrations: We are api development company in india and have extensive experience in Integration with original websites for products displayed in the app for purchasing. This is achieved through API connections and affiliate partnerships.

Technologies Used

AleaIT Solutions India


  1. User Adoption: BLEND experiences rapid user adoption, with a growing community of creators actively engaging with trending styles on the platform.
  2. Revenue Generation: The platform successfully monetizes user interactions through affiliate partnerships, driving revenue growth and sustainability.
  3. Positive Feedback: Users praise BLEND for its intuitive interface, curated content, and seamless purchasing experience, leading to high user satisfaction and retention rates.
  4. Scalability: BLEND demonstrates scalability, handling increased user traffic and content volume without compromising performance or user experience.


BLEND is an iOS application that revolves around the fashion industry by providing a centralized platform for merchants, vendors, and users to discover, engage with, and purchase trending styles worldwide. Through its innovative features, seamless integrations, and scalability, BLEND sets a new standard for fashion discovery and commerce in the digital age for users. Keeping the trendiest style updated for the registered users.