Traveronto has four types of roles:

  1. Administrator: this entity that controls all the website content, such as managing user accounts and configuring the website operation.
  2. Supplier: Suppliers are like partners who provide hotels and flights to their agents. They can set prices and manage their offers on the website accordingly.
  3. Agent: Agents work under the direction of suppliers. Basically, they help customers book flights and hotels and answer their questions. Agents are also created by suppliers.
  4. Customer: Customers are the people who use Traveronto’s website to book their travel. They search for flights and hotels and make reservations and do not rely on any agent or supplier.
  5. Third-party API: TBO provided the hotel and flight services.

                          –Duffle, Flight Logic, Mystifly used for flight booking.

                          — Stripe and Nuvei for payment.


Traveronto setup with different user roles helps everything run smoothly. Connecting with other websites to book flights and manage payments makes the website more useful and user-friendly.

Solutions or Recommendations:

To improve Traveronto, we can add:

  1. Supplier tools: can give suppliers more tools and functions to manage their hotels and flights easily on the website (apart from filters, which are already present).
  2. Agent training: Train agents well enough so they can better assist customers and make bookings faster and more convenient.
  3. User-friendly website: make the website more user-friendly for customers by improving its look and feel, basically, more user-friendly.
  4. Add more services: add more options for customers, such as car rental or activities, to make Traveronto more useful.
  5. Use data to improve: look at data to understand what customers need and how to make Traveronto better and useful for them.


Being a custom website development company, the main challenge occurred during the development of each of the APIs that were integrated into the system. 

A flight booking website 

that continuously kept track of the requirements of each of the services to be certified was difficult. 

The requirements had to be conveyed via email.


With the help of Jira tickets each of the challenges were resolved, hence keeping in track became easy. 

If issue faced during any implementation, calls were scheduled for better understanding.

Technologies Used

AleaIT Solutions India


Traveronto is a website for booking travel trips. By making improvements and modifications, such as better tools for suppliers, training for agents, a more customer-friendly website, more services, and smart use of data, Traveronto can be further improvised and made more useful for everyone