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Chat Bot , An Artificial Conversational Agent

“The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.”

A chatbot also commonly known as a talking bot, IM Bot, Artificial Conversational Agent, or Interactive agent is referred to as a computer program or AI which directs and manages chats via textual methods or auditory methods. These programs are frequently designed to imitate how humans would act as conversational partners, thereby passing the Turing test. Chatbots are more commonly used for practical purposes in dialog systems which include the services of customers and the acquisition of information.

Some of the chatbots use natural language processing, but many times the simpler systems examine for the keywords within the inputs, then the reply is pulled with the most matching keywords or the similar or same pattern of the words, fetched from the database.

The chatbots are created in the same pattern the mobile apps and web applications are being created. To speed up the process of the chatbots, the designers can use the chatbot tools of design which are used for immediate preview, a collaboration of the team, and video export. The most principle aspect of the chatbot design is being focused on the testing of the user, and the user testing is performed following the same aspect of principle which guides the user testing of the graphical interfaces.

The procedure of building the chatbot is partitioned into two main tasks: understanding the intent of the users and giving the correct and valuable answers. Understanding the input by the user in a free form of text is involved in the first task and can use Natural Language Processing. Distinct approaches depending upon the type of response generated by the chatbot are involved in the second task.

The use of the chatbots is analyzed and monitored in order to pop up potential problems and flaws and is also used to improve the experience of the final users some useful insights have been provided. Chatbots can be done on the platforms of cloud-based development and these cloud platforms provide the natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and the back-end of the mobiles as development for the chatbots.

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