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Debunking Myths to work with Remote Agencies

Those days are gone when the office is just limited to the four walls and the employees are only supposed to work in the office premises. Nowadays offices are adapting open workflow culture which is encouraging and facilitating for teamwork and collaboration. Now businesses are outsourcing their work by providing remote jobs which is an effective way to complete your work when you are already overloaded with other work. This also strengthens the collaboration which can give your organization the ability to work more efficiently, moving projects through the pipeline and the development process faster and smoother than ever.

The right approach and nurturing outsourcing remote work will not only produce outstanding results and workflow but a long-term alliance between you and the agency. However, there are still some myths that deter companies away from effective business methods.

Reduced Communication Effectiveness:

Communication is the very foundation for everything. Companies generally have their mindset that without face to face discussion, there are more chances of failure for the project. With the collaboration with remote agencies it is not possible to just walk up and talk to the employee. But this does not mean that you can’t work by providing remote jobs. Outsourcing is just a different set of communication standards to make it work. Technology is not just limited to phone calls or emails for communication there are other efficient ways to have an effective online communication.

There are several sets of tools and platforms that help companies to set up virtual office space and interfaces that allows online communication, calendar and workplace got interchanging ideas and feedbacks. For increasing efficiency and releasing capitals for other investments in your company, outsourcing is a best method.

Ineffective Meetings:

Organizations think that online meetings are ineffective as you cannot have the face to face discussions and the temperament of the other side cannot be understood. But this has been challenged by the most benefits of taking meetings on the cloud.

Remote meetings here require more preparation and organization for the presentation as you are not talking to face to face so you have to make all your points clear to the other end and this requires advance preparation and pre analyzation of complete facts. The establishment of a effective communication shows the efficiency and skills for presentation of the developer as well as the level of understanding.

As sometimes the remote agencies vary as per the time so the call for meetings creates the sense of emergency. Both the ends understand and respects the worth of each other’s time and deadlines. By collaborating with the remote agencies major decisions can be discussed and finalized quickly.

Brainstorming Fails:

Sometimes even the confident leaders hesitate to speak up in a room full of contemporaries. The growth of the internet has completely changed the way of online communication. For good or bad, there is a sense of anonymity or protection afforded when you are sharing your opinion online. But this is seen that remote teams tend to operate in a less conservative style where members speak out whatever comes into the mind in the messaging tools with the expectation of quick responses that are echoed back from the teammates across the globe.


Companies also worry about sharing data with remote agencies might lead to compromise with the intellectual property, code and other sensitive information.

Protecting and being a concern for your sensitive information is highest priority. That is what makes each and every business unique. To safeguard your information few precautions can be taken. Companies can include a key specification in the contract and can ensure that you have trustworthy resource that can protect the data. Remote agencies who commit to work are highly disciplined, organized and creative self-starters that possess a unique work ethic. Harvard Business Review has reported that remote agencies are more productive and were likely to put in a greater number of hours to work.

Lack of Corporate Work Culture:

Corporate culture is defined, not diminished from remote agencies. By employing remote jobs and virtual meetings the organizations can attract the most experienced experts, gathering them in an online collaboration tool that becomes a centralized point of communication. Here it is important to find a platform that understands your company identity and culture. These tools have become the driving force for the dynamic teams that enhance the atmosphere of your organization.