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Again an event day and all set for the new event. But for this day we are not only set for the event but also for the team breakfast that will be cooked by the team and everyone will have breakfast together.
That was an amazing start for the day with the Authentic North Indian Breakfast-Aloo Paratha. Having a wholesome breakfast along with all the fun and talks, was the best part of the whole event till now. Everyone actively participates in bringing the raw materials and helping in the preparation of the breakfast. As everyone had their breakfast which automatically tuned into lunch as it was quite heavy because it was filled with ghee and butter.

After some time, we started our next event which was not that complicated. Very simple which everyone had once played in their lifetime. For this game, there were four teams, and each team was left with four members the fourth teams consist of one member from each team and the fourth one was a spoiler.

The first game to be played was Ludo:
Two members of each team were playing the Ludo. Concurrently, two games of ludo were being played one was between Game Crackers and 4th Team, and the other was between Invincible 5 teen and Independent Aleans.

In the first game, Game Crackers won and on the other side, Independent Aleans won. Now the final match will be played by Game Crackers and Independent Aleans. And the final winner was Independent Aleans.

Now the turn for the next game which was, Collect the Same color Gems:

Two groups were made and four members participated in each group, one from each team. A bowl of mixed-color gems was kept n the middle and everyone was given five glasses. They have to collect any five colors, they can pick only one gem at a time and have to collect each in one glass, and if you put another cooler will be the negative one. And after this game which was also being played concurrently tow sides, two teams won. So the final match here will be played by Independent Aleans and Invincible 5 teen. Now the game started and each player started collecting the color but just 60 seconds before the end of the game a twister came up that says if you collected pink color that will be considered as negative. So after this Invincible 5 Teen won the game as one of their members didn’t collect pink color.

After we quickly moved to the third game as the excitement level was high:

This is a basic yet interesting game- Dumb Charades.
For this game there were only three teams, the members from the 4th team were sent to their original teams. Now one member from each was given a movie and they have enacted that and will be guessed by the other teams. In the first round, no one was able to guess the movie, so no points were given to any team.
Now the next round goes the same and here Game Crackers guessed two names right and won this game.

So finally for this day, we have three winners and the best thing is each team won one game.

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