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Snack Day

Who don’t like to have Snack with the team they work? The answer is no one. If you work in an organisation the employees creates a bond and they definitely to plan to go out for lunch or something after office hours. But what if you get the same chance to have a team lunch along with your boss, where he will be the one who is cooking the food. Amazing, right.

We, at Alea, follows this tradition also, where the founder of the company prepares some snack for the team all by himself, standing in the kitchen and working on all the steps himself. The whole office works as a team equally. He prepares and we assist him incase he needs any help and we all eat together. It is just said that the whole day is spent at office but more into knowing each other and having fun. In addition to that, the snacks are too tasty that people never feel that they had enough but the stomach gets full so they had to stop.

With every bite you can taste all the flavours and the care from your leader towards his team. Even though it is done once in a year but that day we make enough memories that can be cherished for the next 365 days. This is something what we live for right, Love , Respect, Care and Memories, because everything can be forgotten but the its the memories that we had for the lifetime. In the corporate culture, no one is there with you for a very long time but if you have enough good memories you can always cherish them.

Any person working with the leaders not only gets the memories but also learns a lot in terms of life and career. These gestures leaves a great impact in the mind of the employees that feel valued and motivated and then in return they work hard and tries to give their best because they don’t work for you then work for us. And this is the best achievement if the you or me turns into we or us.

Here you also learn a team work where you all are working on something that you don’t do everyday and that point of of time no one is senior and junior you all are same. This is not so hard to guess that an organisation where the leader is working as equal for you then the team obviously tries its level best to give their results.

So I would sum up the complete reading as sometimes your small gesture can mean a lot to your team.