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For every organization, Foundation Day is considered to be the most important day as this gives you a glance of the journey of the company for the whole 15 years. You can see all the ups and downs, the celebrations, the difficulties, who stood by your side, who helped you to reach to this level and everything.

And we are also on the verge of celebrating our 15th Foundation Day. And we at Alea, have a long celebration for this event. We start the celebration 1 month after the final celebration day as this keeps the excitement and the importance of the day till the day that gives us a blast on the final day.

We are finally here beginning with the first event of Foundation Day. For all the events, we divide our complete team into three small teams who will be playing all different types of games throughout the celebrations and the winning team will also receive a gift.

The first event started with the initial step that is to come with up with an interesting name of your team. As all the members are creative so they all came with different and amazing team names. The names are: Game Crackers, Invincible 5 teen and Independent Aleans.
But as we are full of twisters so the games are full of twists and turns. you cannot predict what twist you will get at the very next moment. We have also one team that will not be playing but will be spoilers. Spoilers means they will try their level best to gain points from all the teams as per the activity.

After naming the teams, the next activity was to create a logo of your team and that was of some marks and also have different parameters to be judged and they also have make the logo as per the given theme and color.

•Game Crackers was provided the theme as sun and color as yellow.
•Invincible 5 teen was provided by the theme as sky and color as blue.
•Independent Aleans were provided the theme as vegetables and color as green.

With this all the teams came up with creative and amazing logos for these teams as per the specified themes. But as it is a game so only one team can win so Invincible 5 Teen won the first part of the event. As their logo were very creative, aesthetic and delivering a complete message how a team works.

So this was the first activity and the start of Foundation Day with all the teams. There were 4 judges who marked them as per all the parameters and the winner was declared. And the next events are quite exciting and full of surprises.