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After completing the first activity, we are moving to the next activity which is full of surprises, and creativity.
For the next activity, all the teams were asked to bring newspapers of both the languages Hindi and English, 5 magazines, A4 color sheets, A4 white sheets, a thread, and other stationary items. Inaction to that all team were asked to bring flowers for their team which had a twist at the end, a formal attire for both male and female.

The teams had no clue about the reason why they have been asked to bring all these items.
No its time to break the suspense,
First, all the teams had to make a story on the topic that will give later using all the newspaper cuttings, and magazines and also have to write it on the white A4 sheets as well as A4 color sheets and had to tie in the end to make it look like a complete book. They were given 1 hour for this. the topic for this was Road Accidents. All the teams started their work.

Now the spoilers had their job, they were supposed to ask for the points to the teams or they will tell the idea of one team to another. Now, this is a test of teams how they convince the spoiler not to reveal their ideas. This was fun, teams brought chocolates and other items for the spoilers to make them in their side. After the completion of time spoilers had some extra time that costs their points in return, and teams took time by losing some of their points which got added in the team of spoilers.
Each team completed its story and submitted their book. Each of them was quite creative and delivering a social message that how roads accidents can be minimised and where are we lacking.

Now this was not the end, the new part of the activity came up. This says that, each team has to prepare a short video on the same topic of around 1-2 mins. There is a rule that each team can use only 3 members out of 5 for the acting. The rest tow will be idle for this. And again, we got to know the acting, directing and scripting skills of our team. Each team gave their best, some were good in acting, some were good in creativity, some were good in adding extra sound effects along with the acting and some delivered a very important message.

And again everyone thought that is it. But as I mentioned earlier the events are full of surprises. Now the team has to enact a complete news reading like news channels in either Hindi or English wearing the formal attires, and the language was decided by the chits you choose. Now again a twist is there, I hope you remember the two members from each team who were asked not to participate, in this part of the activity they will be the only participating members.

Every team did it in the same manner as news channels, some were quite funny, some improvised in the middle, some did much better than expected.

Now, as i told you that the flower had a twist, each team had to keep their flower intact, it should not be dead that consist points. Here, the strategy played an important role as Invincible 5 Teen trough artificial flowers which were not harmed in any manner so they won.

The results were announced and the winners were:
Story Book: Independent Aleans (Creativity) and Invincible 5 Teen (Good Story)
Video: Game Crackers (Message Delivery)
News Reading: Independent Aleans (News Reading was very appropriate)

So this was the end of this event and finally the purpose was being achieved that is team building. Some new people were opening up with the team, some hidden talents were shown and a bond with the team was being more stronger.

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