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Treasure Hunt

After all the events that took place in the office premises only, now came a day that was a complete outdoor activity. So the event for this day was “Treasure Hunt”.

In this game each team will have to go to a specified location which is in a specified area and have to complete the task and send the photos and the teams who completes all the location first will be the winner.

But the twist is nether you will the location straight away not the task. To make the teams even in number, each was given one spoiler out of 4 to be play as a team member for that team. So from every team 3 members will have to go to the location and complete the task, but now the question is what will the other three going to do, they will give you the location where you have to reach. The members who the teams left at the office will be given a riddle related to the location and as they guess the riddle right they will be tell that to the other team members who are outside. As the members reach the location, they have to call to the organizers and then they will be given the task. They have to complete that and send photos and the riddle for the next location will be given to the other members. This way they have to complete three locations of Area1. This was a nearby location so they were asked to do that by walking.
So the locations and the task were as per the riddle and at the end of round one Independent Aleans did it first and came back to the office first. The second was Invincible 5 Teen and Third was game Crackers. But the scores are not revealed for this event now the results will be declared on the final day.

After completing the first round, we spent some time with each other and knowing everyone’s experience of the game.
Then came the turn for the second round it was also the same but the difference was here the location was quite far from the office premises. So each team had a member who knows the location as well as had a car.
Again the members were guessing the location and others were completing the task. this time there were four locations and they also did not have to reach the office back to reach to a commonplace which was provided again as a riddle. All the members gathered at the Statue Circle along with the members staying at the office. We had the best coffee in Jaipur that day and the best part was the weather was complete with us, very amazing weather.

We came back to the office and moved to our home. So this was all about the event called Treasure Hunt. In the end, I can sum up the reading as

People say- “A day well spent”, but I will say this-“A month well spent”