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Riddle Guessing

After all the previous the teams all set for the next event. This activity was all about the creativity and more of fun at the same time. The next activity was Create Riddles. In this activity, all the teams given a color.First, they have to collect 29 names of the things that are of the collar you chose from origin and they have bring each item with you during the game; 7 virtual items that you cannot bring with you but are origin with the same color, along with that there a twist from our side that is they have to bring any 7 items of purple color not necessary to be origin of purple color.

Everybody tried their level best and came up with the names of all the items as instructed. Now the next step, is they have create riddle for all the items and write them in a card for each in both the languages Hindi and English.

The color giver to the teams were:
Game Crackers: White
Invincible 5 Teen: Black
Independent Aleans: Green

Everybody got some amazing, creative and funny items. And all the teams brought the items, and started creating riddles for all the items. After working for around 3-4 hours everyone was ready with the riddle for the other teams to guess. They have distributed a set of pint to each point and the team guesses it right will get the point.
So the game was simple, we will choose the chit and the name of which team comes up will bring their card and other tow teams will be guessing the riddle.
So the game started, but here came a twist; each purple had a twister, which can either deduct or add points to your team that is complete surprise. So there might be a chance that if you answered the riddle right you can loose your points and if you guessed it wrong you can gain some point and that can really make a huge difference in the scores.

At that time some riddles were really very creative, some were funny whereas some were totally out of context but what is to be appreciated is the effort of each and everyone. The game was full of suspense and no one can guess the final results as the graph of scores were changing simultaneously, the leading team once were at the lowest and the loosing team suddenly got points and were leading.
At the end, Game Crackers and Invincible 5 Teen were left as Independent Aleans were out of the game because their scores were very low. Both the teams were having a next to neck competition and finally Game Cracker won the game with all the parameters that included guessing the right riddles and saving their own cards which were not guessed.
But Invincible 5 Teen got a point for bringing the most creative items.

And with this, the event was over and the best part was, all the people who are busy in coding and testing and designing all say were making creative riddles for the items we use on daily basis. Something out of the box was shown by the team and we really appreciate the effort of all of the members.