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Coffee Day

We all need a leader for every organization, who can lead us on the way to growth. A generic meaning of a leader is a person who assigns you the work but there are few leaders who work with you at your level, who step into your shoes to understand your situation. Evidently, a company achieves its success from its employees, and making the employee happy and making them feel valuable is something that is done by the leaders.

We, at Alea, have a tradition to have a Coffee Day once a year where the Founder of the Company, makes cold coffee for all the employees on his own. He prepares with all his efforts that clearly display his love and care for the employees. The complete team brings the items required for the coffee and then the day comes when the team gets to have the best coffee once in the whole year.

This is not a simple cold coffee, it contains a lot of ingredients such as Vanilla Ice cream, Choco Chips, gems, Chocolate Wafers, and Choco Sticks. This kind of coffee if you will think of having it outside will surely cost much and here it is full of flavors and the perfect one to seek in the best cold coffee.

Even though it is being prepared in large quantities there is no compromise in taste and quality. Everyone gets a glass full of cold coffee that itself is wholesome and makes you full. You will surely have your stomach full but the taste will never make you feel that you can ever have enough of that.

As there are a lot of sayings for coffee, and that is true that sometimes these nice gestures can mean a lot to others. Even if you are the Founder but if you do small things for your employees, this is what makes you a leader. Someone who walks with the team not ahead of the team. This tradition is being followed by us for the last 7-8 years and has become a part for which the whole team waits for a year this day we are not bosses and employees, we are a team who strive for the success of the company along with their own growth as a person.

There are a lot of activities that create a bond between employees but there is no activity that builds a bond between a boss and an employee, this is a step that only a leader can take.
This is a perfect example where you can say, “Leader always says We, Instead of Me”