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Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of your Website

The conversion rate of a website is a measure to compute how much time duration users on the website convert, by doing the activities such as filling a form, performing a call to action, clicking on an advertisement, and directly buying a product depending on what type of business do you have. In any condition, if the action is quantifiably made by the user on your website leading to revenue.

Here are some tips through which the number of conversions can be increased on your website :

  • Never miss your call to action

Your call to action on your website is something that asks users to convert, which could be your’s product landing page or a sign-up form for the users for an email list. Call to Action needs to be noticeably visible to all. Make it so that you have a unique design or use a soft pop-up of Call to Action in case the user sits idle on your website.
Make sure that it is included on top of each page, or link to it on every page of your website.

  • Make it easy to convert

If the process to fill out the form is too long and complicated on your website, many users will discard it. For example: If only the details of users such as first name, last name, and email address are being asked instead of asking them to fill in their first name, last name, email, location, occupation, and many more which doesn’t matter at all. If the process takes less than 30 seconds then It will be good for your website to increase the conversion rate and will be in good shape.

  • Include testimonials, guarantees, and a reviews

The major factor for the conversion is trust and trust is need to be gained especially with new users. Reviews of users and testimonials should be used if you have and users trust the brand only when there are a lot of reviews from the third party. If there are any indications of authority, such as affiliations with the industries, publishers, influencers, or brands, then show them all with the badges and then consider a guarantee of the user on your products and services and this leads to more trust and conversion rate.

  • Try to Use more strong action words in Headline

The rate of conversion can be broken or raised due to the headline’s strength as it is the first impression seen by the people and is the foundation for their impression of the opportunity. To make your products and services possible to get it more compelling and attractive you have only a few handfuls of words. Instead of getting a fall in these traps, try to use strong action words and simple language in your heading making it more clear and more attractive thus leading to an increase in conversion rate.

  • Be Straight forward with your products and services

Now consumers have strong detectors, which means they are very well known when you are transparent and when you are covering your defect with colorful language. Use bulleted points to describe the advantage of your product thus increasing the value of products and services for the users. The more honest and straightforward you will be the more the chances to increase the conversion rate of your website.

  • Always try to improve demonstration and case studies

People have more cravings for visuals as sights are considered to be the strongest sense. Instead of giving a description of your product and service in the written form try to visually describe your product of what and how it works. If it is an intangible service then show the service being provided to someone. This will definitely increase the conversion rate on your websites.

  • Always be simple

Don’t go overboard with the vibrant and flashy designs. Aggressive pop-ups and flashy lights don’t make good sense for the conversion, in fact, it turns most of the users away. The simpler will be the design, the more possible chances will be to increase the conversion rate. So always try to be simple thus leading to an increase in more conversion rate of your website.

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