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Misunderstanding Web App Development – Faster Delivery or Quality


The process of developing a web application has several dynamics. Arguably, the two most important of these are quality and time to launch. More often than not you can only achieve one of these if you’re willing to sacrifice the other. The choice is not always easy.

Some web applications perform vital functions and loyalty relies more on the customer experience. Typically, you would opt for quality here. Think internet banking or e-commerce. Imagine launching an exciting but untested e-commerce application on Thanksgiving. Chances are you’ll have thousands of very unhappy users the next day.

With the plethora of apps and services available on the web today, you probably won’t get a second chance. Then again, opting for that nth degree of quality may delay your go-live and let a competitor beat you to it. It’s a trade and there is no silver bullet. Every app will have its own set of considerations.

What can go wrong?

  • Data Security
    When a customer is putting his money or bank account details on the line, his primary, or possibly only, the concern is going to be the security of his data. A security that must not be rushed. It needs to be tested. And, it must be tested in the most extreme scenarios possible.
  • Scalability
    It is impossible to anticipate how an application may grow once it has been launched. It takes time to stress test an application to see if it can handle multiple simultaneous requests.
  • Integration
    Very few apps nowadays run entirely stand-alone. Be it a payment gateway or an encryption and decryption solution, there is some interaction with another product. These interactions take place across all time zones, operating systems, and hardware setups. The user isn’t really fussed about that. He wants to hit a button and see a result.
  • Adapting to ever-changing consumer requirements
    The customer is always right. In the world of e-commerce that is an absolute truth. As we have said before, there aren’t many second chances. And customers are fickle. If you want to stay in the game you have to stay tuned.

The balancing act

Web app development is very often skewed towards getting something to the market quickly rather than ensuring it actually works. Sometimes, a developer may get away with this. Some readers may recall Windows 95. This was one of the most defining software launches of all time. It was fraught with problems but, at the same time, established a new base for operating systems. It annoyed as many people as it delighted. In hindsight, the gamble probably paid off. But it was a gamble, nonetheless. It could equally easily have gone completely wrong.

Get a helping hand

There is a silver lining to all of this, though. Web development is no longer necessarily a solo journey. There are apps available that create apps and optimize them. There are industry experts that have spent years honing their skills. They have encountered every conceivable obstacle and found a way around it.

At ALEAIT SOLUTIONS, we have the skills and resources to undertake this journey with you. We have the engineers and the tools to give you the best possible balance between quality and speed. Web development is not something new. Rely on the specialists to deliver what you want when you need it.


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