Our Approach

The Client approached us with a requirement in a few lines that he wants an announcement board for the team. We further analysed what could possibly be integrated into this to make this diverse in features and give its users an effortless experience.

We started with developing the wireframes to get visual data of how the application will look like. Once the wireframes got approved we moved on to the development phase using the agile methodology to create the application in the iterative manner to deliver faster.

We also got a few changes and the new functionalities in between but it was handled efficiently by the team and delivered within the same sprints to meet the product deadline.

The project progress was constantly observed by the client over the JIRA tool for the project management.

The Challenges

  1. Customizable calendar
  2. User rights based on different roles
  3. Advanced CMS
  4. Organizations internal communication with groups and individuals

The Solution

We have developed such a platform where the Admin has full user right management in his panel. From where he can manage the permissions of all the users and the process was developed for an easy User Acceptance.

We have integrated the chat feature to communicate internally with the other team members. Also they can make groups over this chat and discuss the projects.


  1. Event Announcements over platform
  2. Event Listing on calendar to announce the upcoming events
  3. Daily Announcement Board
  4. The users can Pin/Unpin important announcements
  5. Read Articles/blogs over the platforms
  6. User rights customization by the Admin based on the user hierarchy
  7. Blog Management by the Admin
  8. Manage Users and their permissions
  9. Internal communication within an organization
  10. Internal communication with groups and individuals
  11. Customized CMS


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We delivered this internal communication and announcement board portal on time and the employees enjoyed being on this communicating with the fellow employees. It reduces the communication time and gap between the employees.

We received a positive response from the client as the employees were really happy using this application and always aware of the happenings.