Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of your Website

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The conversion rate of a website is a measure to compute for how many time duration users on the website convert, by doing the activities such as filling a form, performing a call to action, clicking on an advertisement, directly buying a product depending on what type of business do you have. In any condition, if the action is quantifiably made by the user on your website leading to revenue.

Here are some tips through which a number of conversions can be increased on your website :

  • Never miss your call to action
  • Your call to action on your website is something that asks users to convert, which could be your’s product landing page or a sign-up form for the users for an email list. Call to Action needs to be noticeably visible to all. Make it that you have a unique design or use a soft pop-up of Call to Action in case the user sits idle on your website.
    Make sure that it is being included on top of each page, or link to it on every page of your website.

  • Make it easy to convert
  • If the process to fill the form is too long and complicated on your website, many users will discard it. For example: If only the details of users such as first name, last name, and email address are being asked instead of asking them to fill their first name, last name, email, location, occupation and many more which doesn’t matter at all. If the process takes less than 30 seconds than It will be good for your website to increase the conversion rate and will be in good shape.

  • Include testimonials , guarantee and a reviews
  • The major factor for the conversion is the trust and trust is need to be gained especially with the new users. Reviews of users and testimonials should be used if you have and users trust the brand only when there are lot of reviews from the third party. If there are any indications of authority, such as affiliations with the industries, publishers, influencers or brands, then show them all with the badges and then consider a guarantee of the user on your products and services and this leads to more trust and conversion rate.

  • Try to Use more strong action of words in Headline
  • The rate of conversion can be broken or raised due to the headline’s strength as it is the first impression seen by the people and is the foundation for their impression of the opportunity. Making your products and services possible to get it more compelling and attractive you have only a few handfuls of words. Instead of getting a fall in these traps, try to use strong action of words and simple language of your heading making it more clear and attractive thus leading to an increase in conversion rate.

  • Be Straight forward for your products and services
  • Now consumers have strong detectors, which means they are very well known about when you are transparent and when you are covering your defect with the colorful language. Use bulleted points to describe the advantage of your product thus increasing the value of products and services for the users. The more honest and straight forward you will be the more are the chances to increase the conversion rate of your website.

  • Always try to improve demonstration and case studies
  • People have more craving s about the visuals as sights are considered to be the strongest sense. Instead of giving a description of your product and service in the written form try to visually describe your product of what and how it works. If it is an intangible service than show the service being provided to someone. This will definitely increase the conversion rate on your websites.

  • Always be simple
  • Don’t go overboard with the vibrant and flashy designs. Aggressive pop-ups, flashy lights don’t make a good sense for the conversion, in fact, it turns most of the users away. The more simpler will be the design, the more possible chances will be to increase the conversion rate. So always try to be simple thus leading to an increase in more conversion rate of your website.


    Tips for getting team Motivated on long term projects

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    “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”

    For every project manager, the important skill is the management of the project and team with having the potential to motivate your team. The more skilled the project manager is in motivation, the exhausted are the long-lasting projects but it becomes easier for the entire team for handling the situation.

    The question is how and to which extend the project manager should be motivated? The answer to this for someone might be natural and someone might struggle for finding out the right words and right ways to engage your employees so that they are always ready to put their 100% effort on all the projects. So here are the 5 tips to keep your team motivated on long term projects so that they can handle these situations and remain motivated :

  • Increase their commitment power
  • Explaining how finishing the project benefits both the company and your team is the most simplest way to do so. Not keeping the benefits in the mind by the team members during the work might be surprising , but actually this happens.During the work some of them don’t know about them because they are told of not to remember and some of them don’t keep them in mind every time but know about it. In this case reminding them about the benefits can increase their motivation to do the project and this increases their power to do commitments.

  • Rewarding them for good Work
  • Giving rewards to team members are not only for the good work but also for many other reasons.Many other reasons can be first performance of team was great achieving the desired results. Second can be that the efforts and hardwork done by the team members are noticeable and remarkable. Sometimes it is necessary to compliment the people for making them feel more motivated.

  • Setting up Realistic Goals
  • The worst thing that can be done with a team is getting them overloaded with the work which they can’t handle.Starting up with the new project might lead to excitement and positive. Also might lead to setting up the goals that are not realistic. There is nothing awful in making this mistake as these can be made by anyone.

    In this case try to reset your goals into the realistic goals and reevaluate your plans so that your team member don’t get exhausted and demotivated while doing the project.

  • Measuring the Performance
  • Need to understand whether the project is doing as planned or any additional time is required to do it . Also needs to understand whether the goals are achieved or not. Also tracking the progress in the first place is very important.

    Working of the team members become easy , if they know the progress that how much work they completed and how much is left to complete. That’s why measuring the performance since starting of the project is very important and telling up the team about the intermediary deadlines and making them work accordingly.

  • Motivate yourself
  • It is being correctly told that you can’t keep your team motivated until you are self motivated.So always keep yourself motivated before motivating your team.So how can you get yourself motivated? It is recommended that prepare a list of task that your team has completed , looking it all time depressed and stuck. During the work all your personal problems should be kept aside and always try to have bright exposure to both work and life.

    Of course , getting of all these things are not such an easy task..Keeping your head high all time might be typical and same time motivating your team of how you feel must be typical.This all needs to done as your team relies on you. It is cent percent sure that the day , once you get succeeded in motivating your team members , you will definitely feel great.


    10 Quick Hacks to Make You Reach One Million App Downloads

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    Getting the maximum downloads is what every App developer wish. But getting the same is not an easy task. We have seen a lot of app developers or the companies spent thousands of rupees for the marketing of their app on worthless tactics but have failed disturbingly.

    With the tremendous amount of competition on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, convincing users to download a new app is extremely challenging. Seeking every metrics to get the maximum downloads is neither justified nor conductive. Here’s a quick 10 free hacks to make maximum downloads in no time:

    1. Radiant UI –if your app cannot entrap your user, it won’t do much for you also. Consumers are looking for the user-friendly app which can help them in an easy way without investing much time on dingy app. For this one should ensure for the two aspects: first. The UI should be very responsive across devices & Secondly, should be able to delight the customer in the first go.
    2. Crash Free App – Every user wants a smooth app. No one likes the buggy app. It should be advised to the developer that to test the app in beta. It should be the utmost priority for a developer before launching the same. There are various platforms that are available for the developers like Betalist, ErliBird, BetaTalks, BetaBound. Poor or fewer reviews may lead to limited fixes to your app, making the complete task futile.
    3. Choose the app title strategically – Your app title is very important aspect of your App which leads to the ranking of the App. Make sure that you have included a couple of most important category keywords in your app title. One should make sure that the keywords should fit naturally in the title else it will look spammy.
    4. Compact Description – Every business today swears by the name of content and its benefits and app business is not an exception to the rule. Make sure that you write an effective copy to make sure that your app’s purpose is evident. Also, don’t forget to mention the most important benefits your app gives to the users to make their life wonderful or the specific pain points it solves.
    5. Reviews & Ratings – Your app’s ranking in the search results is also greatly influenced by the ratings, reviews, and downloads it receives. Indeed, not only the algorithms will boost your app rankings but users will be more tempted to download your app if it has a good reputation. App users rely on other app users’ opinions before downloading an app. An effective technique to encourage users to rate and review your app positively is to use push notifications at the right time.
    6. Use localization to get more downloads – There are a lot of non-English speaking countries in the world where people prefer to use apps in their local language. Multiple studies have shown that if you localize your app to languages other than English, it can increase the downloads of your app significantly. If you don’t have the video translated to other languages, you can use YouTube’s transcript feature, and Google Play will use the transcript based on the user’s language setting.
    7. Launching at Right Platform – One should showcase an app/product on a platform where it makes sense. A platform that has active users who are really interested in your product. That’s why I am a big advocate of a platform like Product Hunt. Not only will your product get the right kind of visibility, feedback from users will also help you to improve your product and scale well.
    8. Play with Pricing & Discounts – Offering an app with a price tag, then a sign-up discount is a great way to entice your current and new users. It will also keep new users from abandoning the app. One thing to note about pricing is to make sure that one must know how your competition has priced their apps and then price an app accordingly.
    9. Publicize your App – There are many sites out there which allow you to list your app. Reach out to your power users. Email them, ask them for advice for improvements. If their opinion gets counted, they will feel more inclined to share the app with their friends and family. Make a list of top 500 bloggers in your industry and reach out to them, use Twitter and blog search to find them. Get them writing about the app which will eventually leads to maximum downloads.
    10. Periodically Update App – A well-timed refresh of your app is a great way to get your old users using your app again, as well as getting your app re-listed and back in front of potential new users. The right refresh schedule depends on the app, but once a month is a good rate for most apps. Refresh your apps with a new feature or two, some new graphics, a better description, or a new ad network or type (banners, interstitials, etc). Keeping your app updated is a good idea if you want to be successful over the long term.

    These are some successful hacks one should opt to make you reach One Million App Downloads.


    5 Mistakes businessmen make when they work with Big Data

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    Big data has launched a boom industry in data analytics and science. Investing in big data is all the rage right now. But as with many topics that become buzz worthy, its core values often get lost in the hype. Big corporations and small startups alike are making a big deal out of analysing big data.

    Here are the biggest business mistakes – of varying degrees, but all mammoth whoppers.

    1. Misunderstanding the System & Data: The biggest problem with this is that companies don’t always know how to leverage it fully. The first step to deploying big data is whittling down what needs analysis. Companies do not have a qualified Data Scientist or someone who can interpret or map/reduce the proper dimensions of data. Instead they rely on non-qualified personnel to interpret data. The improper analysis of data can be very harmful to a company.
    2. Crowd Mentality: As the Big Data is the top of SEO many people just misunderstand it. The need for going for big data must be studied very carefully and patiently – there is no plug and play recipe around, no one size fit all is available. And surely, it may not fit every organization, but again, it is about understanding the reason why it should be done in the first place. With understanding of the vision and/or the goal comes the proper planning that helps identify the right people, the right process, and the right technology for big data.
    3. Avoiding to Track Time & Cost: Many companies don’t invest enough in time tracking and cost accounting. Especially for a service-based business, having the proper time-tracking tools for true cost accounting is very important to be better able to tell true margins across all offerings. This information can be used to increase efficiency and profitability.
    4. One-stop-shopping: Many organizations treat Big Data as a one-time investment and expect to run it flawless after the initial implementation. This is one of the more common mistakes. While implementing a BigData solution, you need to keep track of the progress and make tweaks. Even after implementation, you need to modify it in accordance to your changing business needs and goals.
    5. No Strategy: The final and probably the biggest flaw is to not have a strategy at all. Organizations still find it hard to come out of the “Excel culture” of manually entering, storing and analysing data. It is not only time-consuming and obsolete but is error-prone and least effective in this fast-paced business environment. Having a poorly implemented strategy is equally dangerous as having no strategy. It invites unwanted costs, complicate the entire functions and add silos.

    Last but not the Least:
    It is sensible to say that Big Data is a key factor to implement digital transformation. A competent solution can empower organization’s decision-making capability, optimize the use of big data, and boost productivity and growth. That’s the process that tips big data from a checklist item to a true strategic differentiator — because even in the truest definition of the term, big data isn’t a solution to any business problems.


    7 consideration when building a mobile applications

    Mobile Internet usage is increasing steeply accounting for more than 50 percent of the mobile traffic all around the world. Billions of people are searching for the products and services through the browsers on their smartphones, also now they are able to access the mobile apps on the routine basis.

    As the browsing is increasing rapidly, for each IT directors and VP of Engineering it is very important for creating the strategy for the  mobile app development. Before beginning the project, there are several considerations to be taken care off.

    Having a great idea for developing an app is called to be an big part of the battle, as it is the starting of the process. Here are some important considerations which are important when building a mobile applications :

    Know Your Audience

    The first consideration that is to be kept in mind while creating an mobile app is reach and understand your targeted users, not only in the terms of statistical data but also in terms of behavior. Topic according to the users and the app intent should be taken into consideration. If you are unsure some great tools like Google Trends and Google Ad words will help.

    Involvement of App Development team

    To develop a mobile application different techniques and approaches are available which depends on its operating system and intended device. For launching your there are different requirements available on various app stores. This is reason for which your development team must be involved in process early in-order to make sure that the concept being used reach your targeted audience effectively and efficiently and also leads to cost reduction.

    The Mobile app development team lets you to determine and decide which approach is best suitable:

    1. Device performance and optimization

    2. Security of Apps

    3. Optimization and performance of the operating system

    4. API security.

    Also they should have complete skill and knowledge of how to build app using agile methodologies. With the process of an agile development, each element of the app development should be performed, ensuring rapid and accurate design, build and events release. Greater communication and cohesion between the project teams and your company is provided by this approach.

    Importance of Testing

    While developing a website is not an easy task, but creating more secure and user friendly application more than difficult. Testing is the important part of the QA process, means that the time required for designing and building your application could take more than expected.

    This is also the another additional reason for the development team involvement in the process as early as possible. Publishing a faulty app and then later fixing the errors and bugs will cost more and also the time duration of the project increases than getting the app publishing at the right app. Launching a faulty app which is not ready to get published can lead to breakdown of user’s trust and issues in adoption.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of app you are building, there should be strict and tested QA methodologies. Following functional and non functional issues includes testing which are:

    1. Unit

    2. Integration

    3. System

    4. Acceptance

    5. Performance

    6. Security

    7. Compatibility

    8. Usability

    Be Prepare for Maintenance and Updates

    Consistent maintenance and updates are required after even when your apps are published on App store. After your apps goes live Involvement of your development team in the maintenance process helps you in addressing the various errors and challenges including emergencies, new user requirements, errors and bug fixing and operating system hardware adaptations.

    Stay Lean and Agile

    Your development team who are lean and agile ensures that users take the advantage of fast loading pages, low usage of mobile data, and quick reachability to the information of your application. It also helps in removing the useless features, building the quality user experience before entering in the market and approaching the app development by improving the entire process, instead of improving one by one features.

    Agile methodologies make sure that the top priority is their user and customer satisfaction, development step is sustainable and rapid. Technical excellence is cutting the edge of the development process and the app delivery the products and services in a clean and user friendly manner.

    Know Your Competition

    Your app should be about the benefits which are easily affordable by the users, your company also need to research about their competition determining type of apps they are building, reason why they are created and how they are engaged in the process. Prepare the list of the competitors of your company and search their apps on the app store. Monitor the apps yourself and read the reviews and learn the feature which are more enjoyed by the users and what experience is needed to be improved.

    How to Monetize the App

    The main reason for every business before app creation is to monetize them. Budget and the maintenance cost of the applications must be considered by your company, as well as which methods will help them to make money form their users. The options includes advertising, freemiums, In-app purchases and app installation.

    Having discussion with your development team about monetization will help you to keep the budget of your maintenance and cost of updates.

    Remembering all these seven considerations, you and your development team will build the mobile application that generates the revenues and derive the budget and benefits of agile development and maintenance process.



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